Lindsey Minella
Media Relations Manager, Humana Inc.

“Clark Marketing is an invaluable resource for me. Whether it’s developing a full campaign plan, writing key media materials, reaching out to media or even taking time to brainstorm ideas, Clark Marketing is always reliable and always delivers. Both Valerie and Kitty are thoughtful in their work. The quality of what they deliver is excellent, and I believe that’s because of the time they take to research, think things through and talk with me honestly about concepts and objectives – all while staying within my budget. I trust Valerie’s opinion very much, and have come to rely on her as more of a mentor/team member than external vendor.”
Humana Inc.
Kristine Stefansic
Manager B2B/e-Commerce, American Express

"Thank you for the excellent research and analysis you put together for American Express Establishment Services earlier this year. Not only was the data you provided thorough, but the timeliness of your results and your periodic updates to me throughout the research period were commendable. Thanks again for your great work!"
Michael Crompton
Owner/The Excel Leadership Group

“I commissioned Clark Marketing to develop an analysis of the Central Illinois market to assess the potential for executive coaching, leadership training and related services. Not only did I obtain detailed information that confirmed the potential for my company’s services, but I received much more in return for my investment. Clark Marketing offered action-oriented recommendations for moving forward within the plan. In short, the plan has served as the centerpiece of my marketing strategy going forward. Thank you for your exemplary work and diligence in creating a plan with such insight and detail.”
Skip Dampier
Former President/Chief Strategy Officer, Ross Creative+Strategy

"Working with Clark Marketing has been an excellent experience for us. We always get much more than we're expecting and it's always on strategy, on time and on budget. When it comes to strategic thinking and planning, we have found no equal."
Tim Funk
Marketing and Product Support Division, Caterpillar

"Clark Marketing serves a vital role on our strategy team by engaging, capturing and analyzing key communications for our Customer Support strategy. When coming onboard, Valerie quickly grasped the intent and scope of the strategy and helped the team as it worked through communication opportunities. The communication plan, business case framework, scripts and presentations developed by Clark Marketing have formed a solid bedrock for our messaging. What a great advantage it was to have Valerie on our team."
Jay Whitfield
Electric Power Industry Consultant, Caterpillar

"Thank you for your outstanding efforts in the development, organization and coordination of the Caterpillar PSSR Master's Training Module, "Understanding Owning and Operating Costs for Commercial Engines." Clark Marketing has certainly captured the very vision of what Caterpillar outlined to you in so many of our interview sessions. You have taken that vision and created a format and content that certainly exceeds our expectations."
Ray McCabe
President, cmfi group

"Thank you for the outstanding work that the two of you did on our cmfi group marketing plan. I am aware of the amount of time you spent interviewing our staff, but I am blown away by the amount of time you invested in researching our products, clients and competition. I have never seen anything as detailed and informative on our company and our competition. Your work is always top notch because both of you treat your client's work as if it were your own. I am very happy with our investment in this project."
Susie Ketterer
Principal, Simantel

"Many thanks for the fantastic job on the campaign. Your professionalism and commitment to quality is outstanding. Looking forward to working with you on the next one!"
John Slevin
Partner, iceCentric

"We utilize not only her creative copy and design skills, but her ability to think strategically on how to better position our services with clients. I recommend Clark Marketing to anyone looking for that experienced view on the 'how to' or 'what if' questions that relate to their strategic marketing, positioning or research needs."
Lisa Cohen
Marketing Director, Advanced Technology Services

"I’ve never worked with anyone so focused on the details. I don’t even worry about the projects, because I know you’re worrying enough for both of us. As always, thank you!"

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